Monday, 24 August 2009

How to do SEO Quickly and Effectively?

There are really loads of ways how to do SEO. The best way is the one that works for you. If you still haven’t got one, here are few very powerful SEO methods.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it’s an art of pushing your site to the top of the search engines. If done correctly, your website will literally appear in front of the “starving crowd of potential customers”. SEO is probably the best method to generate targeted traffic to your website.

Traffic comes from organic search engine listings and from my own experience, this traffic is the most targeted and hence convertible. It’s not a secret that conversion rates are far way better than from any paid advertisement service. Unfortunately nowadays internet is flooded with swindlers and scams, that’s why paid ads are becoming less and less trusted. (consider click fraud as well)

So if you are serious about your future online business you can’t rely on someone else to drive traffic to your website. It’s time for you to dive into the world of SEO. Don’t be scared of the term “SEO”, it’s not that complex as it sounds, trust me. It’s always a problem – where to start... Luckily you at the right place and I will give you a great kickstart by sharing one of my favourite methods how to do SEO quickly and effectively.

Of course the most important part of SEO is generating quality backlinks. All you need to do now is to find sfew forums which are relevant to your niche. The easiest way to find suitable forums is to search Google for ‘your niche + forums’.

Respected forum with the high Page Rank is a GOLD mine in terms of backlink building. I love this SEO method because you can generate loads of quality backlinks almost instantly. You don’t have to wait until your article or blog comment is approved or declined. In our case powerful backlink appears online right away.

Relevant forums rule the parade of backlink building. Most suitable place to put your backlink is forum signature. If you start to include too many links in your posts, chances are you will be warned about spamming or even banned. The link to your site in the forum signature doesn’t look importunate or spammy, it’s just something that everyone does and it’s not violating any forum policies.

Contribute naturally – earn quality backlinks in a blink of an eye!

Before starting to post on forums don’t forget to check whether the link in the signature is DO follow ( Do follow – boosts your Search Engine rankings, NO follow – almost useless in terms of SEO) use DO/NO follow tool. Find it on Google searching Google for ‘DO follow firefox addon’ .

My advice is to contribute naturally. Help people answering their questions, ask questions yourself and you’ll be fine. Generating backlinks form forums is very powerful way how to do SEO. Google and Yahoo consider as if someone is discussing your website. This adds a huge piece of importance to your website and dramatically boosts your website rankings.

#1 on Google and Yahoo in 36 hours – is it possible? Yes it is if you know how to do it the right way. My SEO experience is 2 years. I’ve achieved really decent success in this field. Most importantly I know what strategies work well and what works less or does not work at all. All this comes along with the experience.

If you are looking for the system how to do SEO quickly and effectively in the same time you might be interested in visiting my website. You will discover 12 simple, yet very powerful steps to blast your website to the #1 spot on Google and Yahoo in about 36 hours, yes it’s possible!

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